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What is the best solution for lsro at this moment?

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Post  reco on Wed Oct 19, 2011 6:46 pm

Hey. As every1 is talking about a server reset and i think that's not the best thing to do for several reasons, i leave here my suggestion. The main problem atm is:

- Players bought Egy's B +10 from GM and with adv they are +12 (but wasted real money)
- Players that never bought any egys, and worked hard to pimp and get their gear/weapon

The best suggestion that come to my mind, and i'm willing to share it with all of you, is that ADMINS should make a poll and ask for every member to participate, voting on the following two possible solutions:

- total server reset (everything is lost)
- all Egy Gear/Weapon B goes +0 with 0% whites (blues dont matter), all Egy A / Nova go untouched.

Pros of this solution:
- no egy buyers keep their gear/weapons and dont lose hours of work on it

- egy buyers that payed for egys dont lose their egys, still everything go +0 which is by far better than losing it

Cons of this solution:
- no Egy Weapon B were droped so, the only exception that will suffer are Imm Egy set legit makers, which will have everything +0 with 0 % blues.

Now tell me, isn't it a better solution than overall server reset?


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Post  _RuzA_PL on Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:52 am

great idea, this day, drop 2 nova, and I do not want to lose them, like many others who dropen something today, do not speak of weapons egy of rock, it can be eliminated, but it wasted a whole day, Mad
when restoring the server, it is not worth playing, because I lose everything, please speak gm, whether you agree or not, and when it will reset the server, all greetings


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